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Dancers are expected to attend each class, rehearsal workshop/intensive. Missed classes, rehearsals, workshops/intensives are non-refundable.



Age Requirement:

Adult classes,18 & up

Children & Teen classes, 4-18 yrs old

Open classes, Varies

Dance team, 6-18 years old



Arrival Time:

Dancers, instructors, interns, residents and additional staff members are expected to arrive at the studio on time. Dancers should arrive at the studio 5-10 minutes beforehand; Instructors, interns, residents and additional staff members should arrive 20 minutes beforehand. Please check the website calendar or call before proceeding to a dance class for any class delays, cancellations or closings.




NYC Dance Arts will keep class open if at least the minimum amount of students are registered within 24 hours, otherwise class will be canceled We do not give refunds for any canceled classes, rehearsals, workshops/intensives, private sessions or events paid for. However, rescheduling such types may be granted upon request. 



Class Observations:

NYC Dance Arts encourages new comers to observe classes that may spark an interest. New Comers are advised to contact the studio at in order to receive information about the class as well as a scheduled day and time to observe a class to minimize distractions.



Code of Conduct:

All dancers, instructors, interns, residents and additional staff members are required to follow a Code of Conduct. The guidelines are as follows: Appropriate Behavior, Respect Others, Focus on Instructions and to abide by all Policies and Procedures.


Instructors are expected to provide constructive discipline in the classroom in terms of technique, flexibility, strengthening the body and promoting health.

Dress Code:

Dancers and instructors are required to wear dance attire according to the class description. Dancers are permitted to wear dance shoes or sneakers on the studio floor. Interns, residents and additional staff are required to wear appropriate apparel.



​Food and Beverages:

Food is NOT ALLOWED in the studio. Bottled water and sports beverages are permitted. Dancers, instructors, interns, residents and additional staff members must clean up any mess they create in the studio.



Health and Safety:

Dancers, instructors, interns, residents and additional staff members are expected maintain a healthy lifestyle. The safety of each individual is important. NYC Dance Arts encourages health and safety awareness.




NYC Dance Arts recognizes major holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day, Valentines Days, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day etc.) throughout the year. The studio will be closed on holidays and classes will be canceled. Please check social media sites and/or call for closings, any additional delays, cancellations or closings.



​​Images and Videography:

Dancers, instructors, residents and additional staff members hereby willing grants full permission to NYC Dance Arts to use, publish and exhibit his/her name, image, and/or likeness in the design of still photographs and video in connection with public relations and additional advertising activities without compensation.

Issues and Concerns:

NYC Dance Arts follows a No Tolerance Policy. If anyone has an issue or concern in studio, please contact the Director of NYC Dance Arts via email at before or after a class, workshop, event or activity. Dancers, instructors, interns, residents, guest artists and additional staff members are not allowed to participate in any class, workshop, event or activity with disruptive behavior.

​Injuries and Emergencies:

NYC Dance Arts is not responsible for any injury or emergency before, during or after class and rehearsal time. NYC Dance Arts requires that all dancers, instructors, interns, residents and additional staff members are covered by their own individual or family insurance policies. If an injury or emergency should occur it is understood that the person’s insurance policy is responsible for any reimbursement. *In case of a severe injury or emergency, NYC Dance Arts will contact 911 and an emergency contact.




All payments are to be made in person or online. Individuals who purchase classes, private lessons or workshops online must provide a printable receipt to the studio prior to taking a class or show their receipt via electronic device. Payments are to be made in full at all times.  Payments are allowed to be made in advance online.  Late payments will not be accepted.




NYC Dance Arts does not give refunds for any classes, rehearsals, workshops/intensives, private lessons, events or items paid for. However, even exchanges may be granted upon request.




Dancers, instructors, interns and staff members are expected to attend each class on time. Tardy attendance is non-refundable.

​Valuable and Personal Items:

Dancers, instructors, interns, residents and additional staff members are expected to be mindful of their belongings. NYC Dance Arts is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal belongings.

Questions and Other Information:

If anyone has questions or need additional information, please contact NYC Dance Arts by phone at 347-634-6539 or email

Weather Conditions:

NYC Dance Arts understands that weather conditions are unpredictable. Please check our social media sites and/or call for delays, cancellations or closings.


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