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Meet Our TEAMNYC Enthusiasts!

We are the mentors that provide inspirational stories to encourage the lives of dancers to enhance self-esteem, awareness and resilience. 

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Amanda LaCount
  • Instagram - White Circle

Amanda LaCount is a well known hip hop dancer, actress, choreographer, and influencer. She has been dancing since she was 2 years old. In 2015 she moved from CO to LA to follow her dream of becoming a professional dancer and actress. Some of her most notable performances include dancing with Meghan Trainor on RDMA, dancing on The Ellen Show with Keala Settle from "The Greatest Showman", dancing with Disney's "Descendants 2" Cast on DWTS, dancing on 2 Episodes of The Voice, dancing with Lizzo at Coachella, dancing in Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" music video feat. Nicki Minaj, November 2018 Cover of Dance Spirit Magazine, and her own National Dance Tour "Amanda LaCount Live"  Amanda has her own movement #breakingthestereotype which promotes body positivity and the belief that any "body" can be a dancer. Amanda's passion is dance, but her goal is to inspire others to follow their dreams. My inspirational message to help inspire dancers is "If you love it, do it!  It's as simple as that."


Devin Neal
  • Instagram - White Circle

My favorite dance experience was dancing behind Mariah Carey for her Christmas concert series. Working with so many talented dancers and Anthony Burrel was a dream and I did not take one moment of that experience for granted. I also had the pleasure to be on Nickelodeon’s Lip Sync Battle Shorties as the lead lip sync artist. I was able to put my whole imaginative vision into my performance that was aired on TV. One last experience that I had was being on NBC World of Dance. I was apart of a trio called, “3Xtreme”. We had the opportunity to perform in front of Jlo, Neyo, and Derek Hough. This journey was one I will never forget. My biggest pet peeve is when dancers want to accomplish something but don’t work for it. When I get older my dream job is to Pursue Creative Directing for world known artist. My inspirational message is to never let social media change your view on dance and don’t let it justify your dance value. Sometimes we see dance too much as a job and we forget why we are actually dancing. 


Emma Barrowclough
  • Instagram - White Circle

My name is Emma Barrowclough. I am 12 years old and I have been dancing for 10 years. Dance is my way to escape. I get a lot of anxiety and I use dance to break free. Dancing is my passion! I can’t imagine doing anything else. I was always a quiet kid and my parents put me in dance to break me out of my shell. I want to set an example for others and show them to use dance to help them get through difficult times.


 Caitlin Cantrell
  • Instagram - White Circle

Like many little girls, I started dancing at the age of 4. I was the "chatty Cathy" hanging off the barres, but somehow I knew I had found my second home. I was a competitive dancer with incredible role models. Ashley Canterna-Hardy will forever be my biggest inspiration and I was thankful to have her for ballet for nearly 10 years of my life! I went on to get my BFA in Dance Education from The University of the Arts. I moved to NYC and danced with Abarukas Contemporary Dance Company and Michale Susten & Company. I loved my time in NYC, but knew I had a different mission, which is when I really dove into teaching. I knew my mission was to change lives through dance!

When I was about 14, my sister referred to me as "moody," which was by far the nicest way to put it! I was rough to say the least! And part of that was because my expectations of myself were sky high. I grew up with a lot of talented young dancers, and I will be forever thankful for their love and friendship, but the devil that is comparison frequently took over for me. I felt that I was never good enough and was totally on the brink of throwing in the towel. THE turning point for me was when I truly learned how to be a graceful loser and realized that being the "best" isn't actually a real thing. I had to learn to be MY best, not the best. In one room you might be the one of the strongest dancers, but in another you might be at the bottom of the totem pole and THAT"S OK! All of those sayings about how you learn more when you lose, are 100% true! Dance definitely challenged me to see my inner strengths, I had to work to see them, which is so beautiful because nothing in dance will ever be handed to you, it will be diligently worked for. 

I encourage young dancers to remember that you're always a student. Even professional dancers take class everyday from a teacher who is there to help and guide them. Even dance teachers, who are masters of their craft, are doing collaborative pieces with other artists and going to see shows as much as possible. There is never a stage in an artists life or career where you are not learning and growing in some way. I encourage dancers to take this and apply it to their other careers as well, no matter what field you are in, know that you always have something to learn!


Carly Harper
  • Instagram - White Circle

My name is Carly Harper, and I wasn’t always a dancer. I was into sports as a child and was a classically trained pianist, but my older sister was a dancer. I used to go to her dance competitions, and I became so inspired and at 11 years old, I auditioned for the team without having previous dance experience. I made the team, was hooked, and I absolutely loved dancing from that moment. My first time in a studio was at age 15, and my passion grew as I went on to become a dance major at Long Island University. After graduating, I began to pursue my dance career and took classes, workshops, and went to auditions. I’ve been blessed to share my passion for dance with others since opening up my own dance studio. Dance has truly been a blessing, and I’m so grateful for all the people I’ve met and opportunities I’ve had. From commercials, to music videos, live performances with artists, fun dance videos, and taking class, I can truly say that I’m inspired by and grateful for all of the opportunities! 


Dance is my lifeline, and it has truly allowed me to grow as a person on and off the dance floor. There’s so much more to dancing than the actual steps, and I embrace the journey and growth with open arms! 


It’s so important as dancers to stay open-minded, make mistakes, learn from them, and be consistent in your training. It’s great to be inspired by dancers and choreographers, but don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to others. Stay true to yourself and dance from your heart! 


Kareena Porter
  • Instagram - White Circle

I began dancing at the age of three because my mom was a dancer and dance teacher. I loved dance and I’ve never felt pressured by my parents. I also began singing and musical theater. I take ballet, jazz, tap and modern. I think dance is a great way to express yourself and build your confidence. Confidence is key in dancing. I have become so comfortable speaking and being in front of large audiences. Dance definitely gives a voice to someone who may not have one. I think other dancers should know that not every day is perfect. In fact, not every year is perfect, but if you truly love dance, then you should continue on. Dancers are the most confident people I know. I believe that dancers are so unique and beautiful. Whoever you are and wherever you are, you should try dance. It’s a great community to be a part of and dance is great for your body and mind.

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