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NYC Dance Arts Scholarship Program

NYC Dance Arts Scholarship Program is a training program for high school students between the ages of 13 and 17 years old who show the highest potential for a professional career in dance. This prestigious program provides pre-professional dance training to talented students. The program is devised to provide students with the opportunity to further their development in the performing arts industry and gain exposure.

NYC Dance Arts created a Dance Scholarship program to provide superior dance training to high school students. NYC Dance Arts offers gifted students a diverse dance curriculum of the most prominent caliber that contains aspects of dance instruction and dance theater.  NYC Dance Arts goal is to foster the excellence in an individual who aspires to thrive in performing arts.

General Information:

Students are guided by our artistic staff and taught the dynamics of dance as a profession. Students who are involved in the scholarship program have the opportunity to become a Scholar Recipient within either the Spring Term (March- June) or Summer Intensive (July-August). Students also have the opportunity to prepare and fulfill requirements that are needed to pursue a professional career as a dance artist.

Students who have completed the program are able to move into the NYC Dance Arts Professional Dance Company,  go on to study in a prestigious college/university for the arts or star in off-broadway shows. 


The Dance Scholarship Program curriculum is designed to promote expertise in technical progress that is appropriate for each student based on age, stamina and physical development. Each student takes a broad course of study in dance classes each week and the weekly schedule is also supplemented by regular lectures and workshops.

Students who are interested in the Dance Scholarship program are expected to meet the following criteria:

  •     Superior potential and talent for a performing career as a dance artist

  •     Strong physical appearance based on condition and flexibility

  •     Excellent performance ability and skill

  •     High quality in musicality and rhythm

  •     Energy, dedication, motivation to excel

  •     Competence of dance training and/or education


Performance Opportunities:

Since, the Dance Scholarship program focuses primarily on training, performance opportunities are offered for students as an essential component of the professional learning process. Students who apply for the Spring or Summer term are able to perform repertory for NYC Dance Arts festivals and productions as well as community events held at a New York City theater or esteemed location. 

Admission Procedures:

Entry requirements are specialized to high school students in the tri-state area. Students must begin their application process prior to the beginning of the Spring or Summer term. Prospective students who have meet the criteria for acceptance may be required to be interviewed for the purpose to ascertain the student’s level of commitment, discipline and intention to enter the Scholarship program.

Scholarships are awarded by audition or can be randomly selected throughout the year. For accepted students, technique level placement and training schedules will be determined at the conclusion of receiving a scholarship. ​Because of additional company obligations, we cannot make alternate arrangements if students are unable to attend the scheduled admission process. Students must re-apply annually if they wish to continue their enrollment in the Dance Scholarship Program.

Parents/Guardians should complete the Dance Scholarship Application Form & Consent Form with their scholar and submit by Registration Day. ​Scholarship awards cover the cost of dance training only, however registration fees which includes performance attire, touring/traveling fees and dance apparel are the responsibility of the recipient. To reserve the scholars place in the program, Parents/Guardians should be prepared to make a payment of the annual registration fee before their child begins the Scholarship Program on/or before Registration Day in the form of cash or credit card. For guideline specifications, a complimentary Parent/Scholar Orientation Meeting may take place to discuss information about the program and additional notifications will be sent out via email and newsletter throughout the Spring or Summer term if necessary.

Information Coming Soon! Email for details

Spring & Summer Program
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