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Residency Program


Next Resident Season Will Be In 2019!



NYC Dance Arts Residents Program is designed to continue to create alternative prospects for artistic individuals. The Resident Program provides emerging artists with an opportunity to work alongside NYC Dance Arts for collaboration and to further his/her development in performing arts industry.


Our Residents Program is a selected group of young professionals in the tri-state area whose work demonstrates the vision and artistic perspective of performing arts. Selected individuals will receive space, promotion and production support which includes:


  • Rehearsal space of 2-3 hours a week

  • Featured on NYC Dance Arts website

  • Social media blasts

  • Complimentary theater space through collaboration to showcase dance work

  • Networking opportunities



  • Cover letter and resume

  • Mission statement

  • Development goal

  • Fiscal plan/budget

  • Audience mailing list


Residents Responsibilities:

  • Inclusion of NYC Dance Arts on personal or company website, social media sites and relevant marking materials

  • Attendance and participation at NYC Dance Arts Resident meetings and events

  • Submission of work in timely fashion

  • Residency Program admission fee of $250 due by TBA


Residency applications are due by TBD. Residency Interviews will be conducted during the beginning of TBD and selected residents will be notified by TBD.


Accepted Residents are invited to a orientation with NYC Dance Arts Staff where they will receive information, marketing tips and network with other Residents. NYC Dance Arts Residents continue conversations via our contact forum only.


Contact Us Today at to apply for 2019 Residency!

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