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The NYCDA Pre-Professional Dance Company was created to provide the extended opportunity for young dancers to receive pre-professional training and opportunities in the dance industry. Its mission is “To enhance one’s life through the art of expression and movement from inspiration of the soul.”-R. Wilder, Founder of NYC Dance Arts

The Pre-Professional Dance Company offers an opportunity for young dancers to display their creative abilities in dance theatre. The Pre-Professional Dance Company is devised to improve the technique of beginner to advanced dancers in an intensive study of dance fields such as afro-modern, modern/contemporary, ballet, pointe and creative movement. The Pre-Professional Dance Company members have experience in these genres and train throughout the year to perform in a major dance productions, festivals, artistic events, community events, schools and on television.

Please Note: All aspiring dancers must be evaluated to be apart of the Pre-Professional Dance Company. Each dancer is required submit a heashot and dance bio/resume. 

Each dancer of the Pre-Professional Dance Company will be given a waiver agreement to review and sign in order to participate in scheduled rehearsals and performances. Dancers who wish to be in the Pre-Professional Company must be ages 12- 17 years old. 

Dancers receive experience in the dance industry via pre-professional training and performances. Monthly fees apply.

(If you are dancer who meets the qualifications of our scholarship program, click here.) 

Any proceeds made to the Pre-Professional Company will be deferred towards additional performances & opportunities



*For more information email


Individuals who have an interest in joining the Company must submit his/her headshot, resume/dance bio to

  • Dancers must submit all materials to be considered (i.e headshot, dance bio/resume)

  • 0-2 years of dance experience

  • Dancers must participate a technique and physical assessment

  • For more information, email

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