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"Be Wild Be You" New York Campaign

Did you know having insightful confidence helps you reach your goals?

We can actively say 80% of dancers are concerned about their skills and abilities that hold them back from developing their self-image.

We recognize as a NYC community organization, dancers of all ages experience self-esteem issues. We are also aware of how you and others like you are looking for ways to prevent this sensitivity.

The “Be Wild Be You” campaign offers the confidence you are seeking from encouraging mentors, resources to apparel and we believe we can help you achieve the inspiration you need to be successful in everything you do.


Join Our Campaign! Dance is a journey and we believe in resilience, mentoring and teamwork.



Share your dance inspirations with us and inspire dancers just like you!

Become an influencer by simply being your most authentic self : )

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We want to hear stories of dancers who want to share their experiences, how dance helped them build their self esteem and how their story can inspire others.


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2. self-esteem

How has dance helped you to build your self-esteem?


How did you overcome your insecurities, fears or life experiences?

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What statement do you want to share to inspire other dancers?

Do you have a quote or personal mantra you live by?

Tell us what motivates you!

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Send us a headshot photo of you + a voice recording stating your full name and your inspirational statement.


Note: After we review all stories we may select dancers to share their stories on video.


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Caitlin Cantrell

"I encourage young dancers to remember that you're always a student."

Like many little girls, I started dancing at the age of 4. I was the "chatty Cathy" hanging off the barres, but somehow I knew I had found my second home. I was a competitive dancer with incredible role models...

Carly Harper

"Stay true to yourself and dance from your heart."

I wasn’t always a dancer. I was into sports as a child and was a classically trained pianist, , but my older sister was a dancer. I used to go to her dance competitions,and I became so inspired and at 11 years old...


Caitlin Cantrell

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Carly Harper

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Karenna Porter

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Amanda LaCount

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