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NYC Dance Arts was founded in June 2011 and has been progressing in growth with aspiring dancers. We provide the opportunity for individuals to continue their passion in dancing through guidance and artistic vision.

NYC Dance Arts is newly recognized as a lifestyle brand in 2019 and continues provide a spectrum of dance instruction that offers pop up classes and private bookings for group classes, master workshops & events. In addition to, we provide outreach opportunities such as a professional dance company, entertainment dance team and community dance programs.


NYC Dance Arts is designed to focus on providing the space and opportunity for others to reinstate their love for dance by strengthening the body, mind and soul by increasing flexibility through movement. We offer a variety of different dance styles and fitness training to individuals who continue to aspire to dance.


NYC Dance Arts also offers a variety of different internal and external opportunities for the community. Performance opportunities are available to aspiring dancers, professional dancers, performing arts dance companies/schools and national dance organizations.



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The studio and its instructors have a vibrant energy that enhance individuals to learn to their full potential. The combination of inspiration and artistic vision gives aspiring dancers the ability to learn, grow, and perform magnificently.

“Our mission is to enhance one's life through the art of expression and movement from inspiration of the soul.“-R. Wilder, Founder of NYC Dance Arts

“Thank you so much for such a great opportunity. I had a blast dancing last night. Also, thank you so much for your approachable, positive and humble leadership style. NYC Dance Arts is all about the collective and I really appreciate that : )”- B. Walsh
“I like challenges, order, respect, talent, art, this city and above all, love for dance. That’s my reason for being here and I am so happy to have met NYC Dance Arts, you have a good organization and ideas, you always want to project more power in the choreography.”- D. Carias
"I worked with Ms. Wilder as her Liaison for the New York Dance Parade. Ms. Wilder & her dancer donated their time and artistry to promote dance with us on May 19, 2012. The group committed an entire day to make our event a successful. They began dancing down Broadway in our parade and made their way to Tompkins' Square Park via St. Mark's Place for the Sixth Annual DanceFest. They performed an unique & expressive piece choreographed by Wilder. Ms. Wilder was a joy to work with & NYC Dance Arts was a wonderful representation of the Dance Parade!"- L. Kilpatrick

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New York, New Jersey, International


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